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Bedroom versus Boudoir

You're a star and your rooms are the backdrop of your life. So set your stage! It doesn't take much, just one special piece can make all the difference.


Any four walls can be fabulous. Together we'll pinpoint your personal style to create your custom boudoir, dressing room and bath. At your consultation we'll go over every aspect of your space. We'll create your list of places to shop, work within your budget, and discuss fabric options for curtains, bedding, and furniture. I'll share my upholsterers, contractors and specialists. From there we can go on together or you'll be fully armed to get started yourself.

At Your Service

Shopping: I'm always somewhere on the hunt for furniture, fabrics and accessories at auctions, fleamarkets, wholesalers, antique and consignment stores, so come with me! Escorted shopping available in NY, Miami, LA, Paris and London.

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